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  • The volume (including figures, tables, abstract and references) is 5-8 pages, the volume of literature review is 10-12 pages.
  • MS WORD format, A4 (2.0 cm margins), “Times New Roman” font, 14 size, 1.5 line spacing with no hyphenation. 

THE TITLE PAGE should include:

1)      Surname and initials of the author (authors), if there are several authors, each surname and corresponding institution are marked with an index number ;

2)      Article heading

3)      Full name of the company where the author works, departmental affiliation, city, country.

Initials and surnames of authors, city, and organisation name are printed in capital letters.
The paper must be affixed with the seal by the Head of the organization.
The title of the article and information about authors are presented on a separate page. Corresponding author should point out e-mail address and phone number.

The following sections of the article should be marked out:
1. Abstract and key words
2. Topicality
3. Purpose
4. Materials and methods
5. Results and Discussion
6. Conclusion
7. List of references.

The abstract of original articles should include the following headings: purpose, material and methods, results, conclusion.
Abstract of literature review and description of clinical cases are written in an arbitrary form. In the end of the abstract, the key words (3-5) are indicated. The font size is 12, the volume is within 100-150 words.
Tables, figures and photographs should be given throughout the text, not on separate pages.

Requirements to tables:

On the right, you indicate the number of the table, below – its name. All figures in the tables must correspond to the figures in the text and must undergo statistical processing.
The figures should be clear, have a common title and key to abbreviations.
Comments to the graphs should include the designation of horizontal and vertical axes and units of measurement, explanations for each curve. Figure captions to the photomicrographs, the method of coloring and magnification should be indicated.


Font size is 12. In the original articles it is acceptable to quote no more than 20 sources, in literature reviews - no more than 30, in lectures and other materials - up to 15. The bibliography in addition to the basic works should contain publications for the last 5 -7 years. In the list of literature all works should be presented in the order of their quoting. Bibliographic references in the text of the article are given in square brackets. The author is responsible for the correctness of the bibliographic data presented in the article.

Examples of article submission guidelines (it is necessary to adhere to quoting peer-reviewed journals), books, chapters from them, materials of scientific conferences, abstracts and electronic sources in the list of references:

Abu-Amero K.K., Al-Muammar A.M., Kondkar A.A. Genetics of keratoconus: where do we stand? J Ophthalmology. 2014; 11. doi: 10.1155/2014/641708.641708

Salvatore Del Prete, Ciro Caruso, Robert L. Epstein, Luigi Pacente, Salvatore Troisi, Antonio Del Prete, Gaetano Barbaro. Effects of UV-A rays on the corneal epithelial surface after topical application of riboflavin solutions: an electron microscope study. American Academy of Ophthalmology Annual Meeting, October 2010, Chicago (P0073).