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Viktor  Odintsov
The first Director and Head of Research of the Ufa Eye Research Institute,
leading scientist ophthalmologist, Professor

100.jpgOn 11 (23) October, 1876, V.P. Odintsov was born in Ufa to the family of P.A. Odintsov, a merchant of the first guild. After graduating from the Boys Gymnasium in Ufa in 1895 he entered the Medical Department of the Faculty of Natural Sciences of Moscow University. Because of his participation in the revolutionary movement in 1897 he was expelled from the university without the right to enter higher education in Russia and was deported to Ufa.

After 3 years V.P. Odintsov was given the opportunity to enter Kiev or Kharkov University. Through his father's efforts he managed to obtain permission to go abroad to Germany. In 1901 V.P. Odintsov became a student at the Ludwig-Maximilian-University Munich, as evidenced by the "Official list of employees: teachers, civil servants and students of the Royal Bavarian Ludwig Maximilian University of Munich " semesters 1901-1902, 1902-1903 and 1903-1904.

107.JPG 107а.JPG

Official list of employees: teachers, civil servants and students of the Royal Bavarian Ludwig Maximilian University of Munich 1901-1902

 In 1904 V.P. Odintsov graduated from the university’s Higher Medical Faculty with a degree in general medicine. The thesis on "Vascularization of the heart valve in childhood" ("Die Vascularisation der Herzlappen im Kindesalter") was written on the basis of the Pathological Institute (Pathologisches Institut).

Thesis of V.P. Odintsov, Munich, 1904

After returning to Russia, V.P. Odintsov worked from 1904 to 1906 as a zemsky doctor in the village of Chishma, Ufa district, and then in the village of Afanasyevo, Menzelinsky district.

On 12 April, 1907, V.P. Odintsov was confirmed to be a supernumerary resident at the Eye Clinic of Moscow University. After 3 years, on 1 April, 1910, he became a consultant on eye diseases at the Moscow Eye Hospital, and on 1 January, 1911, V.P. Odintsov was made a full-time assistant of the Eye Clinic of Moscow University. In 1916 V.P. Odintsov defended his thesis on the topic "About the question of the latest theories of sympathetic inflammation of the eyes" to obtain a doctorate in medicine on the basis of the Eye Clinic of Moscow University.

On 25 October, 1917, V.P. Odintsov was accepted to the number of private docents of the Department of Eye Diseases of Moscow University. Because of his pedagogical and organizational abilities, scientific potential and extensive experience in ophthalmic surgery V.P. Odintsov was appointed as director of the Eye Clinic of the 1st Moscow Medical Institute as well as head of the Department of Eye Diseases at the Institute in 1918. During the next 20 years V.P. Odintsov led the Eye Clinic until his death in 1938. From this time until 1984 the Eye Clinic of the 1st Moscow Medical Institute bore his name.

In May 1925, V.P. Odintsov was invited by the First People's Commissar for Health, G.G. Kuvatov, as the head of the Ufa Eye Clinic, and then as the director of the Trachomatous Research Institute which opened in 1926. The Trachomatous Institute became the center for training doctors and nurses, who were sent to the towns and volosts of the republic to provide ophthalmologic help on site. In summer groups of institute staff members traveled through the regions to assist the population. From different regions of the country experienced specialists in ophthalmology and young doctors were invited to Ufa, who in addition to practical work engaged in scientific work.


Professor V.P. Odintsov with the staff of the Trachomatous Institute, 1927

V.P. Odintsov made immense efforts to supply the Institute with German equipment, thanks to which the Bashkir Trachomatous Institute was second only to Moscow and Leningrad clinics. Thus, the professor created the conditions for a full-fledged work of the institute. Therefore, we can say with certainty that V.P. Odintsov is not only the founder of the Trachomatous Institute, but also the person who breathed life into Bashkir ophthalmology both in clinical and scientific directions.

From 1925 to 1928 V.P. Odintsov was the director of the Trachomatous Institute, later he remained a permanent consultant. While in Moscow, Professor V.P. Odintsov repeatedly sent specialists from Moscow to Bashkiria.

Special attention deserves the scientific work of V.P. Odintsov. He wrote textbooks for students and specialists, became the organizer and editor of the Russian Ophthalmological Journal (1922-1931) and chairman of the Society of Eye Doctors in Moscow. He also translated articles of famous German scientists into Russian.

Professor V.P. Odintsov went through all stages of a doctor's career: from a zemsky doctor to the head of one of the largest ophthalmological institutions in Russia, the Eye Clinic of the 1st Moscow University. He contributed practical experience and organizational skills to the establishment and construction of the Bashkir Trachomatous Institute, whose collective subsequently performed the main task - to eliminate trachoma in the republic.

In tribute to his memory and on the occasion of the jubilee of Professor V.P. Odintsov a medal named after him was established in 2016. Awarded for significant achievements in ophthalmology, it is the only one in Russia. The first laureate of the medal was Dr. G. Wollensak *, who made significant contributions to research and development of ophthalmological science, and also rendered assistance in the search for documents of V.P. Odintsov during his studies in Germany. By Professor V.P. Odintsov’s contributions to the creation of the Bashkir Trachomatous Institute and ophthalmologic service of the republic his name goes down in the history of Bashkir and Russian ophthalmology


The Medal named after Professor V.P. Odintsov was established in 2016 in connection with the 90th anniversary of the Ufa Eye Research Institute, as a tribute to the  the founder of the largest ophthalmological schools in Russia and the first director of the Institute, a native of Ufa.

          The medal is awarded annually during 
the International Conference on Ophthalmology "East-West

2016 Laureate 

6de826a823f1f8c43999838133cd7008.jpgGregor Wollensak (Germany)  

Deputy director of a private Eye Clinic Center (Augen-MVZ Lausitz) in Hoyerswerda/Saxony   

Member of:
- Deutsche Ophthalmologische Gesellschaft (DOG)
- Julius-Hirschberg-Gesellschaft für Geschichte der Augenheilkunde
- Wilmer Residents Association (USA)
- Sächsische Augenärztliche Gesellschaft (SAG)
-Berlin-Brandenburgische Augenärztliche Gesellschaft (BBAG)
- honorary member of ASETCIRC ( Asociación Española de Tecnología y Cirugía de Implantes, Refractiva y Córnea)

Dr. Gregor Wollenzak is the founder of "corneal crosslinking" – the method of corneal pathology treatment. He is the winner of German Society of Ophthalmology Award for innovative research on "corneal collagen crosslinking with riboflavin for the treatment of keratoconus" (2003)

Dr. Gregor Wollensak works closely with Ufa Eye Research Institute carrying out joint research and taking part in “East-West” conferences. G. Wollensak rendered great assistance in collection of historical documents about Professor Odintsov in German archives. 



2017 Laureate

ac6e00fe6e17e24595661a3a5b889cc7 (1).jpgBoris Malyugin (Moscow)
Professor of Ophthalmology
President of the Russian Society of Ophthalmologists (RSO),
Deputy Director General (R&D, Edu), S.Fyodorov Eye Microsurgery State Institution

 Member of:

-  European Society of Cataract and Refractive Surgeons
- Academia Ophthalmologica Internationalis
- International Council of Ophthalmology, Advisory Committee and Clinical Guidelines Committee
- Regional Advisory Committee of the American Academy of Ophthalmology
- Honorary member of the Serbian Society of Cataract and Refractive Surgeons;
- The Colombian Association of Corneal and Refractive Surgeons;
- International Intraocular Implant Club

B.E. Malyugin is the first Russian ophthalmologist who became laureate of the Medal named after Professor V.P. Odintsov.

932999dff2f5dd959f92a9189494bad0.jpgProf. B.E. Malyugin is the founder of the original national scientific school on the study of optic-reconstructive interventions on the anterior segment of the eyeball, including keratoplasty. Among the scientific topics developed by Professor Malyugin, the most recent and relevant for science and practice are the following: development and introduction of new biopolymer materials and structures for ophthalmic surgery; problems of the biocompatibility of polymers with the tissues of the eye; in-depth study of key aspects of the pathogenesis, diagnosis and treatment of a number of genetically determined diseases of the cornea, pseudoexfoliation syndrome; questions about the transplantation of tissues and separate cellular elements of the eyeball; development of selective tissue-saving technologies for corneal replacement; development and improvement of new models of artificial lens for the eye; development of new surgical technologies and methods for cataract extraction and intraocular correction of aphakia in complicated cases, as well as the conditions of concomitant pathology of the eyeball; intraocular correction of refractive error anomalies; the development of microendoscopy in ophthalmic surgery; pharmacological protection of eye tissues during surgical interventions, prevention and correction of postoperative inflammatory complications.

B.E. Malyugin is a laureate of the National Prize "Calling" (2015). For research and original development in ophthalmic surgery, he was awarded with the diplomas of the Asia-Pacific Academy of Ophthalmology (2015) and the American Academy of Ophthalmology (2015), the J.V. Agarwal of the Indian Ophthalmological Society (2015), the gold medal of the Moroccan Ophthalmology Society (2016).

2018 Laureate

Sunay Duman (Turkey)

       SDuman.JPG    S_Duman 1.jpg

Dr. Sunay Duman had been in charge of Ophthalmology Clinic for 30 years in Ankara Training and Research Hospital where she had worked for 41 years. She played an active role in establishing Turkey's first International Eye Bank in her hospital. Hers is the first clinic which establishes ophthalmology sub-specialty departments among The Ministry of Health Training Hospitals. She is the first female ophthalmologist to perform anterior-posterior chamber intraocular lens implantation and phacoemulsification surgery in her country.


Hundreds of assistants became ophthalmologists and tens of ophthalmologists became scientists under her coordination and consultancy. She had been Chairman of the Board of National Ophthalmology Education-Core Curriculum Program Boards for ten years (2003-2013). She is the founding member of the first international association (Turkish Republics Ophthalmology Society-TROS) of experts in Turkey which accepts ophthalmologists in the Turkish-speaking countries as members.


She is the first woman president of the Turkish Ophthalmology Association (TOA) which was founded in 1928. She had served as a member of the Board of Directors in several bodies of the Association (1984-2011). The Turkish Ophthalmology Proficiency Board was established during the presidency of Dr. Duman. She had represented TOA for many years (1996-2010) at the Turkish Medical Association. She is an active member of TOD / Cataract-Refractive Surgery, Oculoplastic Surgery, Ocular Traumatology-Medicolegal Ophthalmology, Education Planning Units.


President of TOA (1999-2003), Secretary General of TOA (1997-1999)

President of TOA Ankara Branch (1992-1998), TOA Ankara Branch Financial Secretary (1984-1992)

Head of TOA Training Planning Unit (2006-2010), TOA Training Planning Unit Secretary (1995-2006)

Turkish Medical Association TOA Representative (1996-2010)


International Awards and Recognitions:

“Academic Z.Aliyeva – 85” Golden Jubilee Medal / Azerbaijan National Academy of Sciences (2008)

AAO Achievement Award (2010)

AAO- Academy Express-MEACO Advisory Board's "Certificate of Appreciation" Statement of Service and Contribution (2010)

Title of Honorary Professor from Kazakh Ophthalmology Research Institute (2013)

The Laureate of the Medal named after Professor V.P. Odintsov.(2018)


Association memberships:

Turkish Ophthalmological Association ( TOA )

Turkish Republics Ophthalmology Society ( TROS ) 

Azerbaijan Ophthalmologists Society ( AOS ) 

American Academy of Ophthalmology ( AAO ) 

American Society of Cataract and Refractive Surgery ( ASCRS ) 

European Society of Cataract & Refractive Surgery  ( ESCRS )

European Contact Lens Society ( ECLSO )

Ankara Girls High School Alumni Society ( AGHSASO )  


Dr. Duman who brings ophthalmologists from 7 countries (Azerbaijan, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Northern Cyprus, Uzbekistan, Turkmenistan, and Turkey) together in TROS has been the president of the association since its establishment (2001-Present). Ophthalmologists of the Republic of Bashkortostan began to join TROS in 2016.


Dr. Duman has vast organizational experience. TROS organized 4 Satellite Scientific Sessions at TAO National Congresses every year between 2005 and 2016 under her leadership. TROS also held 5 international symposiums, courses and live surgery meetings (Istanbul-Turkey, Baku-Azerbaijan, Lake Issyk Kul- Kyrgyzstan, Osh-Kyrgyzstan, and Tashkent–Uzbekistan). Dr. Duman has made a significant contribution to the development of Young Ophthalmologists in Central Asia in particular. She retired in 2009. She is currently an Honorary Member of TOA and is a member of the Board of Directors of the Past Presidents. She has a private practice since 1972. She continues to work in her private practice. 

2022 Laureate

                                             Mikhail Frolov (Moscow)

From 2002 – member of SAC in ophthalmology, RUDN University
From 2012 – full member of the International Informatization Academy
From 2017 – member of RFBF Commission
From 1917 – Chairman of SAC in Russian Research Institute of Eye Diseases at the Russian Academy of Sciences
From 2018 – Expert of the Higher Attestation Committee (surgical sciences)
From 2018 – Expert of the Russian Academy of Sciences (RAS)
From 2019 – Senior international foreign advisor of the International Eye Centre, China (2019)
From 2019 – Chairman of Dissertation Council # 0300.007, RUDN University
        • Mikhail Frolov is the author of more  than 350 scientific publications, 17 patents and 12 rationalization proposals, 13 study guides, 1 monograph•
• Developed a set of instruments for ophthalmic surgery (21 instruments)

• 5 multimedia manuals on the innovative educational program, approved by The Russian Ministry of Education

• Under Mikhail Frolov’s guidance 12 candidate dissertations were defended, 5 more candidate dissertations are being prepared for defense.

Mikhail Frolov is actively engaged in surgical work (performs about 300 surgeries a year) as well as in
consultative work
Professor Mikhail Frolov  conducts consultative, scientific and practical work in China