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On June 6-7 Ufa Eye Research Institute hosted the 2024 Annual Conference on Ophthalmology 'EAST-WEST'.
Around 2000 ophthalmic clinicians, research scientists, medical students and residents from across Russia, Europe, Asia and America attended the event in-person and virtually.

The meeting traditionally offered a fantastic opportunity to catch up with the latest developments in ocular surgery and clinical practice. The conference agenda included 12 Russian sessions and 4 sessions of foreign ophthalmological societies, young ophthalmologists league, live surgery broadcast and several satellite symposia.

In a session of the Russian Glaucoma Society Prof. Evgenyi Egorov spoke on modern-day tactics and strategies for medication management of glaucoma patients. Prof. Aleksandr Kuroedov presented preliminary results of a proteomic study aimed at discovering a new protein or peptide biomarker associated with POAG. Dr Ilmira Gazizova described the potential of neuroimaging in the determination of diagnostic biomarkers for glaucoma. Dr. Victoria Korelina highlighted cognitive impairments in glaucoma and Dr. Zoya Nagornova focused on treatment strategies for advanced-stage glaucoma. 


The virtual symposium of Middle East Africa Council of Ophthalmology (MEACO) featured clinical advances and challenges in glaucoma management. Prof. Amel Meddeb Ouertani elaborated on the association Glaucoma - Keratoplasty, Prof. Sidi Mohammed Ezzouhairi presented on the impact of cornea on glaucoma diagnosis and progression, Prof. Ahmed Mostafa Abdelrahman shared insights on IOP measurements in unusual cornea and Dr. Ali Alisheikheh discussed indications and risks of refractive surgery in glaucoma patients.


The session 'EAST' comprised ophthalmologists from India, Turkey, Uzbekistan and Tunisia. Talks on cataract extraction and IOL implantation were presented by Dr. Mohammed Sayee, Dr. Arun Kumar Galli, Dr. Arulmozhi Varman, Dr. Halil Ibrahim Bike, Dr. Hasan Aytogan and Dr. Nazim Zaynutdinov.


The session 'WEST' featured diverse talks covering various ophthalmological subspecialities. Prof. Rupert Bourne from Cambridge Unversity Hospitals gave an update on the global burden of glaucoma. Prof. Jost Jonas from the Ruprecht Karl University of Heidelberg delved into epidemiology, clinics, histology and potential etiology of myopia. Assistant professor Guzel Bikbova from Chiba University, Japan addressed the issues around lipid composition of the human eye and its association with ophthalmic disorders. Prof. Helmut Sachs from Carl Thiem Klinikum, Cottbus, Germany shared his experience with Aflibercept 8mg to increase injection intervals in order to minimize therapeutic burden. Features of the glaucomatous optic disc in myopic eyes were discussed by Dr. Songhomitra Panda-Jonas from the Institute of Clinical and Scientific Ophthalmology and Accupuncture Prof. Jonas/Dr. Panda-Jonas, Heidelberg and a talk on corneal xenografts was presented by Dr. Francisco Alvarado from Dr. Luis Sanchez Bulnes Hospital, Mexico.

It has already become a delightful tradition to hold a virtual meeting with members of the Turkish Republics Ophthalmology Society. This year the TROS session, moderated by Prof. and its President Oner Gelisken, saw presentations on keratoplasty and keratoprosthesis from Prof. Zukeyha Yalniz Akkaya, Prof. Elif Erdem, Prof. Canan Asli UtineProf. Hatice Elvin Yildiz and Dr. Burcu Kasım.