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Dear colleagues!

We're happy to announce the first-ever Middle East Africa Council of Ophthalmology session at our conference "East-West 2023".

Moderators : Abdelaziz Badla, Amel Ouertani

1. Abdelaziz Badla Management of chronic and recurrent macular holes.

2. Amel Ouertani Glaucoma and ocular surface disease : a challenging association

3. Ahmed Assaf Cataract with “Cornea Guttata”

4. Mazen Sinjab Intracorneal ring implantation - is it that simple?"

5. Mahmoud Al Salem Simple vs Difficult Blepharoptosis

6. Omar Trabelsi Short term total tamponnade with perfluorocarbon liquid and silicone oil in complex rhegmatogenous retinal with severe prolifetative vitreoretinopathy

7. Salah Mahjoub Phaco on irregular corneas

8. Sidi Mohamed Ezzouhairi Safer and more effective results in glaucoma surgery of an original new protocol of cyclodiode

9. Ahmed Moustapha Abdelrahman Angle Closure Disease. Truths and Myths.