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Cataract surgery: contemporary realities and perspectives

The last decade was marked by impressive advances in cataract and refractive surgery. Extraordinary heights were achieved by the technique of performing surgical interventions, the arsenal of surgical tools was supplemented by femtosecond lasers, new phaco machines, and the possibilities of diagnostic systems were significantly extended. The conference will discuss issues of further increase of the efficiency and safety of cataract surgery, the achievements of femtosecond laser surgery, its advantages and disadvantages in comparison with standard phacoemulsification, organizational and other issues.

Management of vitreoretinal diseases is a keystone in ophthalmology

Vitreoretinal pathology takes up one of the first positions in the world among the causes of hypovision and blindness.

This year for participants of the conference the following events will be organized:

• reports of famous Russian and foreign speakers on relevant topics of fundus with video demonstration of complicated cases and interesting cases

• for the first time in Russia the 4D simulator of macular zone pathology with the help of which you can enter a world of virtual reality.

• for the first time in Russia there is a possibility to complete WETLAB courses on intravitreal medication.  

Live surgery

For two days in online mode operating units of Ufa Eye Research Institute will show surgeries carried out by the best ophthalmic surgeons of St. Petersburg, Yekaterinburg and Ufa. Live Surgery allows showing different technologies, modern equipment and consummate professionalism of the surgeons. There is no doubt that no one will be left untouched and discussion of various details of surgeons’ show cases will be quite useful.

Glaucoma is one of the most significant problems of modern ophthalmology.

The disease is widespread among people of working age and holds leading positions in the disability rate. A special attention is given to treatment of glaucoma; however lots of people continue losing their vision.

The programme of the Conference includes reports on new methods of diagnosis, monitoring and pharmaceutical treatment of patients with glaucoma, approaches of antihypertensive drugs choice. Such aspects as indications for surgical treatment, microinvasive and laser methods of surgery, combined methods of surgical treatment of cataract and glaucoma will be highlighted.

“Talking about glaucoma” symposium will present the information of multicenter clinical epidemiologic study.

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