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For a number of years, the Ufa Eye Research Institute has been carrying out international cooperation with Heidelberg University (Germany) and the Singapore National Eye Center within the framework of the Asia-Pacific ophthalmological epidemiological consortium. The consortium is an influential ophthalmology organization centered in Singapore. The consortium consists of ophthalmologists from almost all Asian countries: Taiwan, Hong Kong, Singapore, China, Japan, India, Australia, Thailand, as well as Germany and Russia. Of all the ophthalmological institutions of the Russian Federation, including those located in the Asian part of our country, only the Ufa Eye Research Institute is a full member of this organization.

The results of the joint project "Ural Eye and Medical Study" - Russia's first ophthalmological epidemiological study of the population with the participation of 5,899 people – were published in leading international journals, including "Nature", "Lancet", "American Journal of Ophthalmology", "British Journal of Ophthalmology", etc.

The results of the population epidemiological study were presented at the world on-line Congress of ophthalmologists "WOC-2020", which was held in Cape town, South Africa, on June 26-29, 2020. This is the first ever online Congress on ophthalmology, during which live broadcasts of key sessions, speeches by more than 2000 world experts, and an online exhibition were held.

A joint oral report of Professor Mukharram Bikbov and Professor Jost Jonas was presented at the Symposium on ophthalmic   epidemiology. It was based on the results of the research "Ural Eye and Medical Study". The report on the topic: "Eye Diseases and Their socio-Economic Determinants (Asia): Ural Eye and Medical Study (UEMS)" is devoted to the prevalence of cataracts, glaucoma, myopic maculopathy in the population of our Republic, as well as their relationship with age, gender, the presence of common diseases and other indicators.

The results confirm the importance of conducting population-based research in the world and in our country, allowing us to identify risk factors for developing eye diseases. The presentation of the results of the "Ural Eye and Medical Study" at the world Congress of ophthalmologists testifies to their recognition by the ophthalmological community.